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” The real purpose of life is solved when we are beneficial to someone and serve our fellow beings. Whatever we give to society comes back to us someday. Therefore, spread love, compassion, charity, and happiness and you will get these in return too. You will find beauty and satisfaction in going out of the way and helping others make their lives beautiful. Do not crave for quick results. God knows the best as to what should be given to us and when. Do good deeds and leave the rest to God.”

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Gulati

(Founder, Weaving Dreams )

About Weaving Dreams

Weaving Dreams is a platform to empower people from different spheres and enable them to interact with each other so as to foster greater global exposure, branding, and visibility for all. The purpose of the conference is to encourage empowering conversations, innovative collaborations among the youth and the entrepreneurs and leaders from different walks of life.

This would provide a platform where people having a diverse knowledge of their respective subjects would be interacting with the audience so as to impart more knowledge to them and provide a solution to their queries.

Weaving Dreams keeps on organizing various conferences and events from time to time so as to bring forth various personalities in front of the audience. At times, these personalities also act as Human Libraries so as to mentor and guide the prospective people to pursue their careers in different fields.

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Founder’s Message

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Gulati, (Honoured by World Book of Records, Australia) is the Founder of ‘Weaving Dreams’. She is an Associate Professor, Authorpreneur, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Philanthropist.

” Weaving Dreams Into Reality can only be achieved through hard work, perseverance, patience and will power of the dreamer. You should have faith in God, have the passion and strength to reach the stars and you will definitely weave your dreams into reality. The one who has the ability to dream big would surely have the competence to achieve bigger. You must therefore Dream Big for getting to Bigger Achievements.”

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Gulati


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