Shilani Sadh

Shilani Sadh is an online content curator who is focusing on the effective use of social media technologies for creating unmistakable content on facebook. This job comes with a huge set of responsibilities which involves making sure that her clients brand value and brand persona is reflected in all her promotions.

Shilani Sadh -

She is fortunate enough to work with Mrs Ratan Kaul, Anjanna Kuthiala Ji, Rita Gangwani Ji, Author Vinita Bakshi, Mann Dua, and many more inspiring leaders of the industry.She also handles content curation for Elanstreet and Dressire, Shilani works with a focus to create worthwhile and interesting content for her clients that adds value for her audience and is also relevant and of interest to them .. her focus at all times is to help point the audience in the right direction and guide them towards the best solution for their requirements.
Thus enabling the client and the customer both to benefit from her curated efforts!! Shilani has been writing online for over 2 years now and her work has been cited and commented upon by industry leaders, leading her to become a renowned figure head that stands apart for the quality of work she is doing!

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