Shailja – Content Head at Yatra Online, has straddled various roles and different domains. Yet she has always enjoyed what she does and even after over two decades in the industry, is ready to learn anew. And that, in today’s dynamic and fast-changing world she believes is a must. Be open to ideas – to listening to those younger than you – to following the latest trends and you will never be too old for your industry!

SHAILJA - weavingdreamstimes.comShailja regards herself as a Content Strategist and Digital Media Evangelist, and says she is happiest when she has her finger in many pies. She has spent over 15 years with top Media houses – The Times Group and HT Media Ltd managing and contributing to online content, as well as writing for print. She has industry experience of over 22 years in the Media sector. Over the last two years she has moved to the e-commerce space and is presently with Yatra Online, as Content Head for all digital content for Yatra and its affiliates; as well as Editor for the Yatra Blog.

Prior to this, she had a short stint with Cheil (Samsung India) where she led social media campaigns and content for Samsung Electronics and Samsung Mobile India. She has evolved in her career and gained expertise in the online space since the early days of the internet boom.

Shailja is married and has two teenage sons. She has a strong zest for life and believes in putting her heart and soul into whatever she does.

Shailja had a beautiful childhood and lived in offbeat places as Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nepal, that has given her a different perspective and outlook to life. She has since her marriage done a lot of leisure to travel to a number of countries including UK, Paris, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore.

Shailja Shah has also featured in one of the bestseller books: “Weaving Dreams Into Reality – Inspiring Women” authored by Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Gulati “It was a dream come true, and in many ways inspired me to dream on even further.” she confesses. “I would like to deeply thank Dr. Gagandeep for taking up the mantle to showcase how ordinary women of India are shaping the economy and the times we live in. She has beautifully weaved each story in the book, and the great success of the book, is testimony to Dr. Gagandeep’s hard work, dedication, and connection she built with each participant.”

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