Weaving Dreams into Reality…Inspiring Women

Author: Dr Gagandeep Kaur Gulati

join the trip of a lifetime

‘Weaving Dreams into Reality’ shares the journey of 20 successful and leading women who have achieved excellence in the field of education, fashion designing, corporate, social work, medical, hospitality and glamour. These women, from different walks of life, background and profiles share about what they have attained and what they have contributed to the society. These are the ordinary women, who have turned extraordinary by weaving their dreams into reality. They share their real life stories from their childhood to their present positions. The book aims to have a sneak peek into the lives of these successful yet aspiring souls who became a success by the sheer virtue of their determination and persistence. Weaving Dreams into Reality is edited by Dr Gagandeep Kaur Gulati who is presently teaching in a Management Institute at New Delhi. This book provides an insight into the lives of these successful women who have become a role model for those who aspire to reach such heights.